Friday, 28 September 2012

Its "OUR" Haute

Bored with this monotonous life?? 

Umm it’s quite apparent that we all need a change …!!

But what is it??

Food??? Yea can be!!

But hey wait, it might thump my shape … and I am sick of that healthy profound diet.

Then let’s jump to Home D├ęcor :)

But there is too much money involved … forget it ya.

Ok Let me be a little selfish why not just me, my style and my wardrobe??

Bravo!! Sounds great

We feel so fascinated by the ongoing trends and vogue. But owing to our busy schedules we barely stop by and find time to groom and spruce up. It’s either dressing up well for social gathering or pampering ourselves in salons. But, how about that interaction which this feminine family needs with each other? Why not sharing our views, styles and fashion statement with each other?

Are we going to live just conventional way that fashion is not to be followed, it’s all about oneself? Ah, Come on, we have our own ideal ladies, fashion designers and we follow their impressions by heart or rather want to be like them.

So hey dear ladies, this trenditional blog is all about “US”, our fashionwings, our seam lines, our connections, our suggestions and our aura.

Wrapping Up – We welcome your suggestion ladies and soon coming up with Nishka - Dressing To The Nines posts. Till then Take care, see you soon.