Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Mystery of our Mystery Girl

All right, it's time to pioneer the launch of our mystery girl who has been a long part of our ambiguous senses.

She, with her abiding beauty, natural curls, effervescent attitude, and statement attire met us all with a warm embrace. Everyone around was efferent to see that juvenile look which could stock up a pure sensation within, it seemed that the touch of her hands can spiral up the body, remembering her lips can yield a passionate yearning for men, recalling those godly feet ensures the worth of admiration and that awe of her genial perfect body shape owing to apposite eating and exercising habit she enthralls. Furthermore, recalling her affable nature is just icing on the cake.

The curves of Indian hook make us extraordinarily gracious. each one of us belong to the same category of femininehood and desires to be a glimpse of that perfect girl. But do we have to be astonishingly beautiful to hold that position? Well, every woman is beautiful and largely by the smile she carries, it's just the sense of attire that stands us out from the rest. Carrying oneself flawlessly makes us akin to the fable queens.

Our veracious facet towards ourself can bring an enlightening change which would heap on the power and feminine traces we hold. The determination to carry that exquisite look can wash off the scathing remarks that we are often worried to hear around. With the ending note and a complacent request we wish to see you all with your vibrant persona, with flowing of your gracious self. 

Our first achievement

Hello to all:-)

I am glad to state that one of our stories has been well acclaimed by FashionAndYou brand and so our writer has been chosen as one of the 20 lucky winners of #Mystery Girl Contest. 

We will share our celebrated story in the next post:-)

Meanwhile you can check the name of our writer in the winners list who enthralls on the seventh number (Akanksha Rana) 

Wrapping Up :  See you soon with "Mystery of Our Mystery Girl"

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


In this tattoo enthralled world henna aka mehandi still holds the glamorous thrust. The Mehandi swages up our auspicious occasions with its intense self, captivating the Muslim, Hindu and Sikh communities. Be it an engagement day or a wedding ceremony, festivals like Diwali, Eid, Raksha Bandan and others applying mehandi remains the auspicious branch of the celebrations. 

If to talk about the brides, they are super excited for the mehandi ceremony as Henna celebrates her upcoming life, on the other hand a groom too applies it in some proportion as it entails the blessed forthcoming days. 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Peplum Style

The short overskirts attached to a fitted blouse or jacket are perfect for the ladies in shape.  This outfit comes with several variations.

Overskirts have been a part of both men and women’s wardrobe if we revisit previous ages.  Peplum is a complete celebrity style that would engulf your look if matched with finicky footwear and trimmings.

The Indian Diva’s in peplum style


                                             A look you would never leave a chance to wear

                                        We would call this one a perfect bridesmaid in peplum style 

                                     This glamour take possibly will be one of your desired glances

                    Black can precede you to your favorite spot, making you look poised at each stretch 

 This is just that perfect look which an ordinary girl can carry up.

Courtesy : Google and Pinterest 

Wrapping Up : Will catch you soon with another post 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

What’s your outline color this winter?

Courtesy: Fab India, Chandigarh

Colors precede a vibrant part that splashes up our overall veneer. Colors are for occasions, for seasons, and for moods as they discern the specific junctures of our lives. With winters approaching, most of us are exceedingly keyed up over the choice of colors to be a part of our attire this season.  

Winters are such times when sunbeams are the most awaited factor. Brightness integrated totes up to the refreshed moods, unlike the hot summers where soft colors are preferred to sustain the comforting effect.  But it’s not just about the intensity of hot colors, we can sometimes hold on with dull and soft colors too.

This season what we suggest to you is heaps of pastel Yellow’s, Brinjal Blue’s, Bright side of Green, basketball orange in your casual wear.  Red hot, shades of Grey, white and off-white can be a part of it too at times. Black is a formal dynamo and can be matched with sizzling colors to give an intense look during your carefree hours.

Courtesy: Bill Longshaw , Free Digital Photography 

Besides these, a floral or an assorted print of colors can match your style statement.  Ladies can grab dresses, shirts, kurtis of multi shades with various motifs and our Lads can pick shirt sides with a colorful bunch. Lads remember your polo T-shirts look best with a single color and of course your sun wear, slackettes (shorts not extending further then mid-knee) can be considered  with the check fashion but prefer them in subtle colors.

Wrapping Up - Soon a new post on Peplum Skirts :-)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gerascophobic Me

You heard me right!! I am indeed covered with the phobia of growing old. Still in my twenties, but I am already absorbed with the want and feeling of being young forever!!

Finishing my studies a couple of years back fabricated gratifying feeling of growing young and instantly taking up a refreshed job  was an icing on the cake. Soon months passed by and in no matter of time I started missing my years in college, the perfect juvenile days they were. This is perhaps the fear of that charm that I might lose in the coming years.

Courtesy: Adamr, Free Digital Photos

Does this happen to you too? I mean do you anticipate the same that, in some years this youthful life will die out. If yes, then thankfully I am not the only insane creature thinking about my future looks.  Well I shared my absurd spirits with my mother and this is how she swayed me, “Don’t worry we humans have an extra edge that is our gear, our clothes. How about retaining that trendy look forever? This is the preeminent solution of staying young. Your outfits style your persona. Imagine at later stage young girls looking at you or admiring your sagacity of style and in fact imitating you for the same. Lovely that would be.”

The grace of a woman never fades away, we have our favorite makeup chattels but we do not rely on them all the time instead our wardrobe is one such thing that is as essential as breathing. So, maintain that style conferring your age and let the world go doting of you. 

Courtesy: Posterize, Free Digital Photos

Wrapping Up - Stay tuned for our upcoming post pertaining to colours of winter :-)

Monday, 1 October 2012

Pick the Dress Up !! Hey But Wait ...

A refreshing welcome to you all again :)

No doubt truth and honesty within makes us beautiful yet outer appearance can add to our grace too. With tranquility inside and vivacious charm on face, we are just falling short of that outer look that’ll pep up the confidence adjoining the admiration of those around.

Well some things are always reckoned as elegant which is a subsequent appellation of feminine power. Without going into deep philosophy re inner beauty and feminine clout, let’s get back to our trenditional Nishka- Dressed to the Nines engine.

Recently I was a part of a pensive discussion regarding authenticity of fabric we choose. My counterparts whom I’ll introduce to you very soon had a sharing perception. We all affirmed that fabric is the most important element while choosing out an outfit. See, a smiling woman looks beautiful anyhow but sometimes choosing a wrong fabric can categorize you in an out of taste class, which I am sure no one of us would like to be in. One of us had a view “Apart from fabric, styling is what matters, we often see women wearing a sober outfit and still retain to attract the attention of thousands around. This is what I am stressing at, basically – Class.”

Another significant thing that should propagate in our minds while choosing a dress is the finishing. That final touch (finishing) can compliment or chew out the pleasant look of your attire. The threads, sequence work, stitching and the like have to be just in shipshape to give that enchanting look.

Wrapping Up - This obsession of fad and style will keep us fused even more. See you soon with our next part of the pack.