Monday, 1 October 2012

Pick the Dress Up !! Hey But Wait ...

A refreshing welcome to you all again :)

No doubt truth and honesty within makes us beautiful yet outer appearance can add to our grace too. With tranquility inside and vivacious charm on face, we are just falling short of that outer look that’ll pep up the confidence adjoining the admiration of those around.

Well some things are always reckoned as elegant which is a subsequent appellation of feminine power. Without going into deep philosophy re inner beauty and feminine clout, let’s get back to our trenditional Nishka- Dressed to the Nines engine.

Recently I was a part of a pensive discussion regarding authenticity of fabric we choose. My counterparts whom I’ll introduce to you very soon had a sharing perception. We all affirmed that fabric is the most important element while choosing out an outfit. See, a smiling woman looks beautiful anyhow but sometimes choosing a wrong fabric can categorize you in an out of taste class, which I am sure no one of us would like to be in. One of us had a view “Apart from fabric, styling is what matters, we often see women wearing a sober outfit and still retain to attract the attention of thousands around. This is what I am stressing at, basically – Class.”

Another significant thing that should propagate in our minds while choosing a dress is the finishing. That final touch (finishing) can compliment or chew out the pleasant look of your attire. The threads, sequence work, stitching and the like have to be just in shipshape to give that enchanting look.

Wrapping Up - This obsession of fad and style will keep us fused even more. See you soon with our next part of the pack. 

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