Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gerascophobic Me

You heard me right!! I am indeed covered with the phobia of growing old. Still in my twenties, but I am already absorbed with the want and feeling of being young forever!!

Finishing my studies a couple of years back fabricated gratifying feeling of growing young and instantly taking up a refreshed job  was an icing on the cake. Soon months passed by and in no matter of time I started missing my years in college, the perfect juvenile days they were. This is perhaps the fear of that charm that I might lose in the coming years.

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Does this happen to you too? I mean do you anticipate the same that, in some years this youthful life will die out. If yes, then thankfully I am not the only insane creature thinking about my future looks.  Well I shared my absurd spirits with my mother and this is how she swayed me, “Don’t worry we humans have an extra edge that is our gear, our clothes. How about retaining that trendy look forever? This is the preeminent solution of staying young. Your outfits style your persona. Imagine at later stage young girls looking at you or admiring your sagacity of style and in fact imitating you for the same. Lovely that would be.”

The grace of a woman never fades away, we have our favorite makeup chattels but we do not rely on them all the time instead our wardrobe is one such thing that is as essential as breathing. So, maintain that style conferring your age and let the world go doting of you. 

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Wrapping Up - Stay tuned for our upcoming post pertaining to colours of winter :-)

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